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Last 100 Credit Card Purchases

Artist Title Avail List Sell Year Genre Sales Label Catalog
1SparksSparksNo 12.97 9.74'06Rock**WOBR 2048US
2SparksPropagandaYes 17.97 13.24'08Rock***UMEI9843410US
3SparksKimono My HouseYes 17.97 13.24'08Rock***UMEI9843417US
4SparksBig BeatYes 17.97 13.24'08Rock***UMEI9843412US
5Sparks (Import)Angst In My PantsLow 19.99 16.23'99Rock***PID 224092US
6Drizabone (Import)ConspiracyYes 11.99 9.27'94Rock**PID 931362US
7Orbison,RoySoul Of Rock & RollYes 59.97 42.99'08Oldi***SNYL 5537US
8Ronstadt,Linda (Import)Greatest Hits 1 & 2Yes 16.99 13.91'07Rock****PID1066476US
9Guy,BuddyBuddy's Blues-1978-82-Best OfLow 11.97 9.16'02Blue*JSP 801US
10GusterLost & Gone ForeverYes 13.97 10.64'99Rock****DTM 31064US
11AirPremiers SymptomesYes 8.97 6.50'99Elec***SRCE 6264US
12Bowie,DavidYoung AmericansLow 24.97 18.85'07Rock***VRGN 51260US
13Bowie,DavidStageYes 19.97 14.78'06Rock***VRGN 11251US
14De PlatinoLo Verdadero Bling BlingNo 12.97 9.79'04ReggJNR 95232US
15Vedder,EddieMusic For The Motion Picture IYes 9.96 7.95'07Rock*****BMGJ 15944US
16M.I.A.KalaYes 10.97 8.70'07Rock****ITSC 965902US
17Kelley,PeterPath Of The WaveLow 17.97 13.21'08Rock*FRCX1252085US
18Cray,RobertFalse AccusationsYes 11.97 9.00'87BlueHIG 8005GB
19Tchaikovsky,P.I.Con Pno 1/Con VnLow 6.97 5.22'99Clas**CSER 73296US
20Bowie,DavidBest Of Bowie 1980-87Yes 24.97 18.85'07Rock***VRGN 86587US
21Type Writer (Import)ZeroNo 36.99 30.15'08JapaPID 818611AU
22Dorsey,DonBachbustersLow 9.97 7.56'04Clas**TEL 80123US
23ReplacementsPleased To Meet MeYes 18.97 14.09'08Rock***RRYR 513982US
24Flamin' GrooviesSlow DeathYes 15.97 11.95'02Rock***NRTN 297US
25Matthews,Dave BandCentral Park ConcertYes 19.97 14.74'03Rock****RCA 57501US
26Young,NeilGreatest HitsYes 22.97 17.09'04Rock***WAR 48924US
27DoorsMorrison HotelLow 11.97 9.11'07Rock****ELE 101173US
28DoorsWaiting For The SunYes 11.97 9.11'07Rock****ELE 101191US
29DoorsStrange DaysYes 11.97 9.11'07Rock****ELE 101183US
30KingspadeP.T.B.Yes 15.97 12.03'07Rock**SNRS 77US
31Beach BoysPet SoundsYes 17.97 13.24'01Rock****CAP 26266CA
32MetallicaDeath MagneticYes 18.97 13.98'08Heav****WAR 508732US
33Kid RockRock N Roll JesusYes 18.97 12.77'07Rock*****ATL 290556US
34Rage Against The MachineLowdownYes 15.97 10.73'07Rock**SXIT 5US
35TestamentFormation Of DamnationYes 15.97 12.03'08Heav****NUB 12005US
36Cray,RobertTake Your Shoes OffYes 16.97 12.47'99Blue***RYK 10479GB
37O.A.R.All SidesYes 18.97 13.98'08Rock****ATL 511179US
38InxsVery Best Of InxsYes 11.97 9.11'94Rock***ATL 82622US
39Friedman,DeanRumpled RomeoNo 23.97 17.40'08RockCDBY 194874US
40Country's Top 20Country's Top 20Yes 18.97 13.76'04Gosp***NHVR 28043US
41Dejohnette,JackSpecial EditionNo 10.97 8.12'08Jazz**UECM1161902US
42Sun Records 50Th AnniversarySun Records 50Th AnniversaryLow 15.96 13.92'02Rock**BGSG 99000EU
43Orbison/Cash/Lewis/Perkins (ImClass Of '55 (GoldYes 11.99 9.27'07Rock***PID 656336EU
44Uriah HeepLook At YourselfLow 4.97 3.77'06Rock***PSM 814180US
45Country Joe & The FishElectric Music For Mind & BodyYes 11.97 9.13'67Rock****VAN 79244US
46Joplin,JanisCheap ThrillsYes 7.96 6.26'99Rock****COL 65784US
47VerveForthYes 14.97 11.12'08Rock****RMRI 1252AU
48Dressy BessyHollerandstompYes 14.97 11.12'08Rock**MFRC 1255AU
49MetallicaRide The LightningYes 18.97 13.98'84Heav****ELE 60396US
50Coltrane,JohnMeditationsYes 14.97 11.31'96Jazz***IMPU 199US
51Walrus (Import)WalrusYes 20.99 17.39'08Rock*PID 803766BR
52Southern ComfortSouthern ComfortLow 16.97 12.11'06Blue**FRCX 822140BR
53James,Elmore/John Brim (ImportWhose Muddy ShoesNo 29.99 24.35'04Blue*PID 63953BR
54EllisBlue Print LiveNo 15.97 11.36'98Folk*RUBN 6001BR
55Mayall,JohnUsa UnionYes 6.97 4.12'05Blue****PSM 527458BR
56Miles,Buddy (Import)Them ChangesYes 13.99 11.59'03Soul***PID 212514BR
57WhoUltimate CollectionYes 19.92 14.84'02Rock*****PGTV 112877US
58Bad CompanyOriginal Bad Company AnthologyYes 24.97 18.56'99Rock****ELE 62391US
59Three Dog NightComplete Hit SinglesYes 13.92 10.06'04Rock*****MCA1 177902US
60Taylor,MartinDouble StandardsYes 15.97 12.04'08Jazz**PTTR 19AU
61KoenjihyakkeiHundred Sights Of KoenjiYes 15.97 11.79'08Rock*SKGS 90US
62Ketchum,HalEvery Little WordLow 5.97 3.22'94Coun***WEAZ 776602US
63Ketchum,HalKing Of LoveYes 5.97 3.22'03Coun**WEAZ 78760US
64Ketchum,HalHitsYes 7.97 5.95'96Coun***CURB 77797US
65Ketchum,HalPast The Point Of RescueYes 5.97 3.22'91Coun***WEAZ 77450US
66Ketchum,HalLucky ManYes 5.97 3.22'01Coun**WEAZ 78707US
67U2BoyYes 34.97 24.19'08Rock***PISL1094602GB
68U2WarYes 34.97 24.19'08Rock***PISL1094902GB
69U2OctoberYes 34.97 24.19'08Rock***PISL1094802GB
70EmeryQuestionYes 13.97 10.67'05Rock***TNAL 60604AU
71AnberlinNew SurrenderYes 10.97 8.70'08Rock****UNIV1171002AU
72Los Tigres Del Norte12 Exitos Para AdoloNo 12.97 9.28'01Regi*UNFV 350249AU
73BaysideWalking WoundedYes 12.97 9.59'08Rock**VIT 455AU
74Motion City SoundtrackI Am The MovieYes 11.97 9.11'03Rock***EPIT 86679AU
75Motion City SoundtrackCommit This To MemoryLow 13.97 10.63'05Rock*EPIT 86765AU
76Wall-EWall-ELow 7.97 4.62'08Chil*WDRT 712192US
77Sparks,JordinJordin SparksYes 11.96 9.86'07Rock****JIV 18752US
78Mclachlan,SarahAfterglow LiveYes 15.96 13.92'04Rock****ARI 64494US
79Bedingfield,NatashaPocketful Of SunshineYes 11.96 9.86'08Rock****EPIC 11748US
80Paisley,Brad5Th GearYes 9.96 8.70'07Coun****RCA 30490US
81Perry,KatyOne Of The BoysYes 18.97 12.76'08Rock*****CAP 504249US
82Clapton,EricReptileYes 11.97 9.11'01Rock****WAR 47966US
83Bon JoviCrushYes 13.92 11.01'00Rock****PISL 542474US
84SteppenwolfSteppenwolfYes 9.92 7.03'87Rock***MCA1 31020US
85Lewis,JennyAcid TongueYes 13.97 10.64'08Rock****WAR 508668US
86Ronstadt,LindaHeart Like A WheelYes 9.97 7.31'98Rock****CAP 46073GB
87Ronstadt,LindaLiving In The U.S.A.Yes 7.97 5.95'78Rock***ELE 155GB
88Benson,GeorgeLivin' Inside Your LoveNo 5.97 4.18'79Jazz***WEAZ 3277GB
89Staton,CandiYoung Hearts Run Free/House OfLow 16.97 12.50'02Gosp***SPRY 46002GB
90Staton,CandiCandi/Music Speaks Louder ThanLow 16.97 12.50'05Gosp***SPRY 46005GB
91Gayle,Crystal (Import)Miss The Mississippi/These DayYes 15.97 12.06'08Coun***EDSE 1021GB
92Gayle,Crystal (Import)Cage The Songbird/Nobody WantsYes 15.97 12.06'08Coun***EDSE 1023GB
93U2BoyYes 10.97 8.70'08Rock****PISL1084302GB
94Manhattan TransferMecca For ModernsYes 5.97 4.18'81Jazz***WEAZ 16036GB
95Prine,JohnPrime Prine-Best OfYes 11.97 9.11'77Rock****ATL 18202GB
96Peaches & HerbOld School-Cruizin' With PeachLow 10.97 8.12'05SoulTHUM 579221GB
97Gap BandGap Band 4Yes 4.97 3.77'03Soul***PSM 822794GB
98Ross,DianaEverything Is Everything: ExpaYes 18.97 13.94'08Soul***HIPD 809302GB
99CommodoresNightshiftYes 6.97 4.64'05Soul***PSM 635400GB
100[Trap]Drop The WeaponNo 19.97 15.05'09ElecCDBY 356710US

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