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Artist Title Avail List Sell Year Genre Sales Label Catalog
1Barron,KennyLive In TokyoNo 11.97 7.57'10Jazz***WYNZ 79417US
2Everly BrothersCadence Classics-20 GreatestNo 9.97 6.96'87Oldi***WEAZ 5258IT
3Ministry Of Sound (Import)BangkokLow 32.99 26.67'02Danc*PID 923602US
4Mayall,John (Import)Blues AloneYes 15.99 12.75'06Blue**PID 635739US
5MerzbowAmluxNo 13.97 10.56'04Expe**IMPT 2IT
6Fernandez,AlejandroVol. 4-Exitos-Multi KaraokeNo 10.97 7.42'10KaraMLTM 359GB
7Guthrie,ArloBaby's StorytimeLow 11.97 9.13'96Chil**LIGT 54114IT
8Van Buuren,ArminMusic Videos 1997-2009No 19.97 12.29'10Rock***ULTA 52372US
9Beethoven,L.V.Folk SongsNo 9.97 6.96'98Clas*AART 47519IT
10Seeger,PeteEssential Pete SeegerYes 7.96 6.26'05Folk****SNYL 77623US
11Short,BobbyIs K-Ra-Zy For GershwinNo 14.97 9.86'06Jazz**COLL 7848US
12Rogers,KennyKenny Rogers Love CollectionLow 11.97 6.95'00Coun*MADA 1177IT
13R.E.M.MurmurYes 9.92 7.03'83Rock***IRS 970014IT
14Carpenters (Import)ReflectionsLow 11.99 9.27'03Voca*PID 275116US
15Orbison,RoyLove HurtsNo 5.97 4.33'06Oldi**CSP 27519US
16Piaf,Edith (Import)ImmortalLow 18.97 13.92'07Fren*MTDQ 572IT
17No CategoriesNo CategoriesLow 17.97 13.28'98Rock*UBIQ 11032US
18Strauss,R.Don Juan/Till/Death & TransLow 7.96 6.26'87Clas***SNYC 36721IT
19Sons Of AzraelConjuration Of VengeanceLow 11.97 9.00'07Heav***MBL 14634US
20Putumayo PresentsTango Around The WorldLow 14.97 11.31'07Inte***PUTU 271IT
21Seeger,PeteConcert-Folk SongsLow 14.97 9.86'95Folk**COLL 5608IT
22Mozart,W.A.Comp Clavier Works Vol. 1Low 17.97 13.24'05Clas*MDG3411301IT
23Zappa,FrankUncle MeatYes 11.97 9.11'09Rock***RYK 10506US
24Haydn,J.Sym 61/107/108 Vol. 34Low 8.97 5.81'08Clas***NXIN8572130IT
25Cantos Do Rio De Janeiro (ImpoCantos Do Rio De JaneiroYes 38.99 32.47'08WorlPID 751797US
26Roussos,Demis (Import)Greatest HitsYes 30.99 25.51'08Voca*PID1305197US
27Houston,WhitneyHoliday AlbumYes 8.96 7.42'03Xmas***ARI 50996US
28Dareyes De La SierraLinea De OroLow 5.97 4.23'07Regi*UDIS 729337IT
29Napalm DeathDeath By ManipulationLow 15.97 12.03'95Heav*ERAC 51US
30Cocker,JarvisJarvisNo 14.97 11.21'09Rock*RGTE 340IT
31Franklin,Aretha (Import)Free Soul- The Classic OfLow 42.99 35.95'01SoulPID 688992US
32SlipknotAll Hope Is GoneYes 18.97 12.77'08Heav*****URDR 179382US
33Vivaldi,A.Concerti & Cantate-Vol. 2Low 16.97 11.67'04Clas*NAIV 30404US
34DioKilling The DragonLow 13.97 10.61'02Heav***SPIT 15211US
35Sardou,Michel (Import)Raconte Une HistoireNo 12.99 10.43'07FrenPID 656379US
36Piaf,Edith (Import)Edith Piaf/La Chanteuse CelebrYes 35.97 27.84'08FrenMMBN 220278US
37Oshio,Kotaro (Import)You & MeNo 51.99 42.91'08JapaPID 821538IT
38Shostakovich,D.Con Vn 1/2Low 8.97 5.81'97Clas**NXIN 550814GB
39Vivaldi,A.Con Vn (Vivaldi Edition) Vol.No 16.97 11.67'08Clas**NAIV 30457IT
40Guns N'rosesLive Era 1987-93Yes 19.92 16.24'99Rock***GEF 490551US
41ParliamentMotor-Booty AffairYes 9.92 7.03'78Soul***POL 842621GB
42Puccini,G.Madam ButterflyNo 11.97 9.13'07Clas***EMIC 67720IT
43Grieg,E.In Mir Klingt Ein LiedNo 12.97 9.85'08ClasBER 90132IT
44Sesame StreetVol. 1-Kids' Favorite SongsNo 9.97 7.54'04Chil***KOCR 4509US
45Shankar,RaviFirst Lp RecordLow 15.97 12.04'07Indi*SARE 150601US
46A-Ha (Import)How Can I Sleep With Your VoicYes 46.99 38.27'03Rock*PID 990482US
47Trio Los Panchos (Import)Besame MuchoLow 24.99 20.87'08Jazz*PID 812422GB
48Japanimation (Import)Ruby Cd Collection: Milk CrownYes 53.99 44.07'04SounPID 58292GB
49Liszt,F.Son/Ballades/PolonaisesLow 19.97 14.91'00Clas**HYP 67085IT
50Haydn,J. (Import)Armida-Comp Opera (Mini Lp SleNo 47.99 39.43'00Clas***PID 678918US
51Jenkins,EllaPlay Your Instruments & Make ALow 16.97 12.47'94Chil**SMIT 45018US
52Beethoven,L.V. (Import)Son Pno 14/17/23No 12.99 10.43'01Clas**PID 874714US
53Vivaldi,A.ConsLow 17.97 13.05'06ClasCENT 2784US
54Too ShortBlow The WhistleYes 8.96 7.42'06Rap*JIV 83505US
55Cole,Nat King (Import)Best From His ShowsLow 29.99 24.35'04Voca*PID 654832US
56Schoolhouse RockBest Of Schoolhouse RockYes 18.97 13.98'98Chil****RHI 75315US
57Rachel'sSelenographyYes 14.97 11.21'99Rock**QRTR 20055US
58Cruz,Celia (Import)Nostalgia HabaneraYes 11.99 9.27'07PID 721795US
59Horowitz,VladimirPlays Chopin: Son Pno 2/PolonaNo 7.96 6.26'03Clas*SNYC 90430GB
60G.B.H. (Import)City Babys RevengeLow 24.99 20.87'06Punk*PID1006524US
61EminemSlim ShadyNo 13.92 11.01'99Rap*ITSC 90321US
62Charpentier,M.Pour Un ReposoirNo 17.97 12.64'10ClasLIDI 202150US
63Handel,G.F.Kbd SuitesNo 47.97 36.12'09Clas*BER 16452US
64Stars (Import)In Our Bedrooms After The WarLow 26.99 22.03'07Rock*PID1125907US
65TrainDrops Of JupiterYes 7.96 5.72'01Rock*****COL 69888SE
66Big Band ChristmasBig Band ChristmasYes 7.96 6.26'96Xmas***COL 40948US
67Miller,Glenn (Import)Glenn MillerNo 40.97 32.48'05Big***MMBN 753960US
68Scaggs,BozBoz ScaggsYes 9.97 6.96'71Rock****WEAZ 19166US
69Franck,C.String QuartetsLow 17.97 13.24'06Clas*MDG6441391US
70Pendulum (Import)In SilicoNo 39.99 33.63'08RockPID 814753US
71Welk,LawrenceSalutes The Big BandsLow 7.97 6.15'90Easy**RAN 2012US
722PacMore Maximum 2PacLow 13.97 10.61'05Spok*USOD 624US
73Sanz,AlejandroEl Tren De Los MomentosLow 24.97 18.56'07Lati*WRMA 233660US
74SizzlaWords Of TruthYes 16.97 12.45'00Regg**VPRD 1597GB
75Underground FrontierVol. 1-Underground FrontierNo 18.97 13.91'01Scre**CDBY 145104US
76Top Des Tout P'tits (Import)Il Etait Un Petite NavireLow 17.99 15.07'98WorlPID 5068IT
77Liszt,F.TranscriptionsLow 16.97 12.50'94Clas***PLON 436736GB
78Haydn,J.Die SchopfungNo 27.97 20.88'09Clas***HAM 992039US
79Salgado,MichaelNuevas Y FavoritasNo 20.97 11.95'06TejaJOEM 4147US
80Haza,OfraEarthNo 13.97 10.67'08Jewi***SISU 15100CA
81Conte,Paolo (Import)ConcertiYes 16.99 13.91'06Ital*PID 4895IT
82Rossini,G.Stabat MaterNo 18.97 14.04'01ClasGALL 487IT
83King,B.B.B.B.' S BoogieLow 5.97 3.31'07BlueKRBK 51132US
84Kay Gees (Import)Find A FriendLow 30.99 25.51'06DancPID 628117US
85Big BlackSongs About FuckingYes 13.97 10.63'88Punk***TOU 20724US
86Main IngredientBest Of The Main IngredientYes 7.96 6.26'05Soul****RLGH 69213US
87Howlin' Wolf (Import)Live In EuropeLow 33.99 27.83'08Blue*PID1310775US
88ChanticleerLet It SnowYes 17.97 13.00'07Clas***RRYR 284988CA
89Beethoven,L.V.Symphony No 6 PastoralNo 5.97 4.72'09Clas***RPMA 28010US
90Simone,NinaLet It All OutLow 11.97 8.41'06Jazz**VERV 600802GB
91Bach,J.S.Cons Vn (2)/Con 2 Vn/Con On/VnLow 19.97 14.50'00Clas*BIS 961GB
92ScorpionsAnimal MagnetismYes 9.92 7.03'97Heav****POL 534785US
93Cash,Johnny (Import)Music That Inspired Walk The LYes 15.99 12.75'08Coun*PID1422165US
94Vaughan,Stevie RayEssential 3.0No 24.97 18.47'09Rock***SHTU 30986US
95Cruz,Celia (Import)La Reina De La SalsaLow 11.99 9.27'05SalsPID 607625US
96Going NowhereLet It PourNo 21.97 16.24'03RockCDBY 16574US
97Tchaikovsky,P.I.Early Pno WorksNo 17.97 12.97'09ClasETC 1164US
98Veloso,Caetano (Import)BichoNo 48.99 40.59'98Braz*PID 83648US
99Matia Bazar (Import)Live At RtsiLow 24.99 20.87'06ItalPID 50965US
100West Side StoryWest Side StoryNo 28.97 21.75'08Musi***STGS 517US

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