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Cheap-CDs F.A.Q.

Please read these most frequently asked questions and answers before emailing us. If your answer is here and you email us, we probably will not email you back!

I try to place an order but it says 'no items selected yet.'
This is most likely a problem with your firewalls.

I did not get an order number/did you receive my order?
After successfully confirming an order, you will get an order number, both on the screen and emailed to you. If you are checking on status of your order, please include your order number or username so we can check status. If you do not email your order number or username, we will not check order status.

I received shipping confirmation but my order has not yet arrived.
Once an order is shipped, we do not know it's status unless it is returned to us. We will email you if the package is returned to us. Please double-check that you provided the correct mailing address, and check with your local post office to see if they are holding your package.

How do I make payment if not by credit card?
We accept money orders. Checks are not accepted. We do not accept any other form of payment. Include Order# on your payment to:
Cheap-CDs, PO BOX 5400, Buena Park CA 90622, USA.

When will "such and such" cd return to stock?
We order everything from a distributor. We do not know when items will return to stock, so you may want to check back.

Do you have or can you find "such and such" CD?
We only carry what is in our database, if not listed, we can't get it.

Does this CD have this Song...?
We list all tracks we know about on the site already, if it doesn't list the tracks, we don't know what they are.

Do you have "such and such" CD in stock?
We do not carry stock at our store, we order daily from distributors based on customer orders. We do not know when CDs will become available if they are out of stock.

I lost my account code/password. How can I look them up?
Please go to login function on line to have your codes emailed to you by entering your email address.

To countries shipping outside the US:
You must enter as much as possible of the billing zip code field or your order will not be processed. Items may take longer to clear customs, so we do not know how long it can usually take to clear customs and ship to you. Sometimes it has been more than a month.

If these answers don't help you, please email us at email@cheap-cds.com

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