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Artist Summary for DAMONE,VIC (IMPORT) (View Covers)

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CD Cover Art
Best Of The Merc
Damone,Vic (Impo
CD Cover Art
On The Street/Th
Damone,Vic (Impo
CD Cover Art
Best Of Vic Damo
Damone,Vic (Impo
CD Cover Art
On The Street Wh
Damone,Vic (Impo
CD Cover Art
Damone,Vic (Impo

Artist Title Avail List Sell Year Genre Sales Label Catalog
Damone,Vic (Import)
Best Of The Mercury YearsNo 11.99 9.27'95Easy****PID 41026
On The Street/The LiveliestYes 23.99 19.71'03Voca***PID 282504
Best Of Vic DamoneYes 11.99 9.27'07Voca***PID1029902
On The Street Where You LiveLow 11.99 9.27'06Voca**PID 603863
CollectionYes 29.99 24.35'04Voca*PID 693821
EternallyLow 23.99 19.71'06Voca*PID 832426
Live In Las VegasLow 11.99 9.27'07Voca*PID 856996
Over The RainbowYes 11.99 9.27'05Voca*PID 603714
AgainNo 11.99 9.27'09Voca*PID 95392
Best Of Vic DamoneYes 11.99 9.27'07Voca*PID 653820
That Towering FeelingNo 5.97 4.64'09Voca*PWK 704282

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