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Artist Summary for SENSATIONAL NIGHTINGALES (View Covers)

Most Popular
CD Cover Art
Best Of Sensatio
Sensational Nigh
CD Cover Art
God Is Not Pleas
Sensational Nigh
CD Cover Art
Songs To Edify
Sensational Nigh
CD Cover Art
Greatest Hits
Sensational Nigh
CD Cover Art
God's Word Throu
Sensational Nigh

Artist Title Avail List Sell Year Genre Sales Label Catalog
Sensational Nightingales
Best Of Sensational NightingalLow 4.97 3.77'98Gosp***MCAS 22044
God Is Not PleasedLow 16.97 12.47'98Gosp***MAL 4495
Songs To EdifyLow 16.97 12.47'03Gosp***MAL 4529
Greatest HitsLow 16.97 12.47'95Gosp**MAL 4414
God's Word Through SongLow 16.97 12.47'99Gosp*MAL 4504
GalesYes 16.97 12.47'08Gosp*MAL 4551
Don't Give UpLow 9.97 7.19'98Gosp*MAL 3108
Handwriting On The WallLow 16.97 12.47'96Gosp*MAL 4484
Wasted YearsLow 16.97 12.47'01Gosp*MAL 4514
Let Us Encourage YouLow 16.97 12.47'05Gosp*MAL 4535
Live-In The SpiritLow 16.97 12.47'95Gosp*MAL 4474
Live So God Can Use YouLow 16.97 12.47'94Gosp*MAL 4465
Nightingales ChristmasYes 16.97 12.47'07Xmas*MAL 4550
Stay On The BoatLow 16.97 12.47'92Gosp*MAL 4453

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