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Artist Summary for GLEASON,JACKIE (View Covers)

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Romantic Moods O
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Music For Lovers
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Lonesome Echo
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Tawny/Music Mart
CD Cover Art
Music To Remembe

Artist Title Avail List Sell Year Genre Sales Label Catalog
Romantic Moods Of Jackie GleasYes 24.97 18.85'96Easy****CAP 52541
Music For Lovers Only/Music ToYes 16.97 12.47'99Easy****CCH 76
Lonesome EchoYes 16.97 12.47'01Easy***CCH 169
Tawny/Music Martinis & MemorieYes 16.97 12.47'01Easy***CCH 168
Music To Remember HerYes 16.97 12.47'01Easy***CCH 193
How Sweet It Is-Velvet BrassLow 17.97 13.04'96Easy***RAZ 82111
Best Of Jackie GleasonLow 6.97 4.27'00Easy***CAPS 99279
SnowfallYes 5.97 4.21'01Xmas***CAPS 33058
Presents Night WindsLow 16.97 12.47'05Easy**CCH 5912
Best Of Jackie GleasonLow 7.97 4.64'03Easy**COLL 9374
Romantic JazzLow 16.97 12.47'03Easy**CCH 322
Music To Change Her MindLow 16.97 12.47'04Easy**CCH 437
Lover's Rhapsody/And Awaaay WeYes 16.97 12.47'01Easy*CCH 192

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