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Artist Summary for YOAKAM,DWIGHT (View Covers)

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CD Cover Art
Very Best Of Dwi
CD Cover Art
If There Was A W
CD Cover Art
Guitars Cadillac
CD Cover Art
Dwight Sings Buc
CD Cover Art
Hillbilly Deluxe

Artist Title Avail List Sell Year Genre Sales Label Catalog
Very Best Of Dwight YoakamYes 18.97 13.98'04Coun****WAR 78964
If There Was A WayYes 5.97 4.23'08Coun****RHI 26344
Guitars Cadillacs Etc.Yes 7.97 5.95'86Coun***WAR 25372
Dwight Sings BuckYes 16.97 12.32'07Coun***NWWT 6129
Hillbilly DeluxeYes 5.97 4.23'08Coun***RHI 25567
Last Chance For A Thousand YeaNo 5.97 4.23'09Coun***WFSB 47389
Dwightyoakam.Net (JustguitaratYes 7.97 5.95'00Coun***WAR 47714
Buenas Noches From A Lonely RoYes 5.97 4.23'08Coun***RHI 25749
Dwight LiveNo 5.97 4.23'09Coun***WFSB 45907
Blame The VainLow 17.97 13.04'05Coun***NWWT 60752
Guitars Cadillacs Etc. Etc.No 13.97 10.44'06Coun***WEAZ 74135
South Of Heaven West Of Hell SYes 11.97 9.11'01Coun***WAR 48012
This TimeNo 5.97 4.23'09Coun***WFSB 45241
Country ClassicsYes 5.97 4.23'06Coun***WFSB 73357
Live From Austin TexasLow 15.97 11.84'05Coun**NWWT 6082
Just Lookin' For A HitYes 11.97 9.11'04Coun*RHI 78460

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