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Sorry Ma Forgot To Take Out Th
by Replacements

Info: Remastered
Info: Incl. Bonus Tracks

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Style Rock
Release 04/22/08
Year 2008
Sales Rating ***
Catalog RRY 438908
UPC 08122799364

CD Cover Art

Listen to Songs (.m3u)

01. Takin A Ride
02. Careless
03. Customer
04. Hangin Downtown
05. Kick Your Door Down
06. Otto
07. I Bought A Headache
08. Rattlesnake
09. I Hate Music
10. Johnny's Gonna Die
11. Shiftless When Idle
12. More Cigarettes
13. Don't Ask Why
14. Somethin To Du
15. I'm In Trouble
16. Love You Till Friday
17. Shutup
18. Raised In The City
19. Raised In The City (Demo)
20. Shutup (Demo)
21. Don't Turn Me Down (Demo)
22. Shape Up (Demo)
23. You Ain't Gotta Dance (Studio Demo)
24. Get On The Stick (Studio Demo)
25. Oh Baby (Studio Demo)
26. Like You (Outtake)
27. Get Lost (Outtake)
28. A Toe Needs A Shoe (Outtake)
29. Customer (Alternate Take)
30. Basement Jam (Rehearsal)
31. If Only You Were Lonely

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