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by Replacements

Info: Lit/Young M.C./Gaynor/Glitter
Info: Mark/Domrose/Schneider/Debney

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Style Soun
Release 09/19/00
Year 2000
Sales Rating ***
Catalog VRS 66180
UPC 03020661802

CD Cover Art

Track Listings

01. The Replacements Remix\Gene Hackman & ..
02. I Don't Want To Be Your Girlfriend\Kel..
03. Second Change\Bret Domrose
04. Bust A Move\Young Mc
05. I Will Survive\Gloria Gaynor
06. The Dallas Game
07. Falco
08. Strikebreakers
      The Bus Arrives
      Armed Guards
      Let's Play Football\Font 48
      Field Tactics
      Bateman Rocks
09. Wild Yam
      The Look In Your Eyes\Font 48
10. R.O.W.D.I.E.
      Sample Play\Font 48
11. Chicks Dig Scars
12. Training Camp
      Falco Drops The Ball\Font 48
      He's Wirey
      Clifford Franklin
13. Footbal - Replacement Style
      Get Me The Ball
      Cochran Scores
      We're In Business
14. Rock And Roll Part Ii\Gary Glitter
15. Falco Changes The Play
16. Martel Crossed

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